The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said for years there is zero evidence that any fish in the U.S. food supply had levels of radiation that would pose a danger to human health.
-March 1, 2016


With Fukushima’s fifth anniversary approaching, we can probably start to relax about radioactive seafood
February 29, 2016


Testing finds no nuke-disaster radiation in Alaska seafood
November 30, 2015


Russia eases ban on seafood imports from Japan
-July 21, 2015


“Levels of radio-cesium are well below the health risk threshold—even when combined with naturally occurring radioactive elements in seafood—and are slowly continuing to fall.”
March 17, 2015



“No levels have been found in water samples taken in Alaskan coastal waters.”
December 31, 2014



Results obtained this week in tests of water gathered by an Oregon conservation group and tested by East Coast scientists came in as expected with no Fukushima-linked radiation, and five more tests are planned at six-month intervals to see if radiation levels will climb.
July 29, 2014



“These guidelines continue to underscore the health benefits associated with eating fish and the cultural importance of fishing,” said Ali Hamade, the Environmental Public Health Program Manager. “We encourage Alaskans to use these guidelines in addition to the state’s fish monitoring program resources for making healthful fish consumption choices. The guidelines recommend unrestricted consumption of many fish species from Alaska waters, particularly those most frequently consumed by Alaskans.”
July 22, 2014



“The (FDA) results confirm information from federal, state and international agencies that seafood in the North Pacific and Alaska waters poses no radiation related health concerns to those who consume it,”
27 June 2014

columbus dispatch

Headline exaggerated tuna risk
– 5 May 2014



“[Radiation] levels were a thousand times lower than the maximum safe level set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”
 28 April, 2014



“Something fishy? Tuna found to have radiation from Fukushima disaster – but scientists say they’re SAFE to eat”
-30 April 2014


In fact, you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive level – just to match the amount of radiation the average person is annually exposed to in everyday life through cosmic rays, the air, the ground, X-rays and other sources, the authors say.”
-28 April 2014



“…by the time any nuclear material from Fukushima reaches California, it will be so diluted that it will not pose a health risk to humans.”
-11 March 2014



“…the radiation recently measured in a single tuna… is equivalent to the natural radiation in nine bananas.”
-10 March 2014



“Radiation from Fukushima… is and will not be a threat to human health.”
-5 March 2014



“…We’re not seeing anything that requires anyone to be afraid.”
-25 February 2014



“No Radiation in Fish Tested: Health Canada”
-21 Feb 2014



“Seafood Deemed Radiation Free”
-9 Feb 2014



“…oceanographers and radiological scientists say… concerns are unwarranted given existing levels of radiation in the ocean.”
-4 Feb 2014



“[The current] Cesium-137 concentration is exactly what’s left over from atomic bomb testing in the 1950’s.  Meaning scientists have yet to detect any radioactive material from Fukushima on the U.S. West Coast.”
-29 Jan 2014



“Radioactivity related to Fukushima event ‘no threat’ to California beaches, health officials say”
-21 Jan 2014



“Worried about radioactive ‘Fukushima’ fish in the US? Don’t be, Scientists say”
-20 Jan 2014



“‘I certainly don’t believe the levels we’re going to see on the west coast of North America should be of health concern.’”
-20 Jan 2014



“Fukushima Radiation (Still) Poses no California Threat”
-15 Jan 2014



“West Coast radiation from Fukushima disaster poses no risk, experts say”
-12 Jan 2014



“… any radionuclides from Fukushima have been diluted by the vastness of the Pacific to insignificant quantities…”
-9 Jan 2014



-“…[radiation] levels are so infinitesimally low, the researchers say, that a person would need to eat 4,000 pounds of albacore a year just to increase their average annual dose of radiation by 1 percent”
-19 Nov 2013



“Fukushima Radiation in Pacific Tuna is Equivalent to one twentieth of a banana”
-16 Nov 2013



“Fukushima Fallout Not Affecting US-Caught Fish”
-11 Sept 2013



-“Although there will be ‘measurable [increases] in radioactive materials,’ by that point they will be diluted far below the safely levels set by the [WHO]”
29 Aug 2013



-“…there’s no reason to stop eating seafood from the Pacific; particularly if it’s caught by U.S. fishermen, who operate under some of the strictest standards in the world”
-29 Aug 2013



“Fukushima Tuna ‘Pose Little Health Risk’”
-4 June 2013



“Pacific albacore carry barely detectable fingerprints of Fukushima disaster”
-24 Oct 2012


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