Timothy Jorgensen, PhD:
Georgetown University Medical School
Associate Professor; Chair, University Radiation Safety Committee


Ken Buesseler, PhD:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Senior Scientist; Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
KB“…the dose from Fukushima Cesium is considered insignificant relative to the dose from naturally occurring Polonium-210, which was 1000 times higher in fish samples studied and both of these are much lower relative to other, more common sources, such as dental x-rays.”

“‘I certainly don’t believe the levels we’re going to see on the west coast of North America should be of health concern.’” -20 January 2014 in Nature

Nicholas Fisher, PhD:
Stony Brook University
Distinguished Professor; Director, Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
“Doses to marine biota were about two orders of magnitude below the lowest benchmark protection level proposed for ecosystems…”

“To put this dose into perspective, the combined dose of 7.7 nanosieverts from these two [Cesium] isotopes is only about 5% of the does acquired from eating one uncontaminated banana… and absorbing its naturally occurring Potassium-40…”

Delvan Neville:
Oregon State University

Research Fellow, Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physic

“[The] highest level of radioactive contamination… found [in domestic fish] is more than 1,000 times lower than the point where the FDA would even think about whether or not they need to let people eat that food”

“To increase their normal annual dosage of radiation by just 1 percent, a person would have to eat more than 4,000 pounds of the highest (radiation) level albacore we’ve seen.”

“It’s not going to be anywhere close to being a food safety impact”

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